EAC Limited got its start back in 2011 when Dave was forced out of a professional snowboarding career due to a knee injury. He decided to turn the passion and self-expression he felt in the sport towards apparel. It wasn't long before word got around and other businesses started coming to him for their apparel needs. Since then, Dave (along with his team) has evolved the company into a full-service merch machine. We've got you covered from conception to sale, and we're really fun to work with ;)


David Morris

David Morris | Fearless Leader

Dave is the driving force behind EAC Limited. A Denver staple, he's one of those people who knows everybody. He's constantly up on the latest trends and will provide you with all the stoke you need for your project.




Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson | Drawer of Pictures

Andy comes to us from the land of corn (Nebraska), but don't hold that against her. She's been doing graphic design since 2011 - everything from web design to book layouts, and (of course) awesome apparel. Whatever your design needs, Andy's got you covered.




Caitlin GoldbergCaitlin Goldberg | Woman with a Plan

Another native Coloradan, Caitlin keeps us on our toes and moving in the same direction. Caitlin graduated with her Master's Degree in Non-Profit/Public/Organizational Management, so she does not mess around with her flow charts. She'll keep your project on track and on time.